Tie breaker: British workers eschew the humble necktie

Stat of the day: New research from SME deals site DealJungle.com has found that 77% of workers believe ties are a relic of a bygone age. Are we witnessing the death-throes of the necktie?

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

So, it's goodbye double Windsor, sayanora stickpin. The great business institution that is the necktie is following the top hat and cane into obscurity.

Its demise has been brought about, in the main, by the gradual creep of 'casual Friday' wear into the other days of the week, says DealJungle.com's members. Internet giants Google and Facebook have also done their bit to seal its fate: their 'cool' hoodie-and-flip-flop-wearing culture has been steadily chipping away at the formal dress code for years. 

'For many young professionals the image of a shirt and tie has become synonymous with stuffy careers such as accountancy or the legal profession,' says the report. 'And many believe even these last bastions of tradition will eventually adopt a more casual attire.'

Of the workers surveyed, almost three quarters (74%) thought the necktie would be consigned to the fashion museum within the next 50 years with just 3% saying it was headed for extinction in 50 – 100 years' time. More than half (51%) thought the tie would disappear within the next 20 years and almost a quarter (22%) thought it would last less than ten - 8% even believe the tie will be extinct by the end of the year!

Only 23% of those surveyed had faith in the tie’s longevity believing it would enjoy a comeback and become a must wear item once more. Well, the tie has been around since 1650 and fashion trends are cyclical...

'Ties have been around seemingly forever,' concluded DealJungle.com. 'But increasing numbers of office workers are telling them to get knotted.'


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