Tightening the purse strings, with YouTube

How to keep a lid on debt, with Jerry Maguire, The Italian Job and Rain Man.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

In these credit crunch days, it's important to keep your eye on the ball and never forget who pays the bills. Keep the punters happy and make sure they pay up on time. Maintain good relations at all costs, just like Jerry Maguire, and you've already taken the first steps in keeping the wolf from the door.

Never give up. No matter how difficult or potentially risky the deal might look, it's important to fight for every penny - or in Charlie Croker's case, every gold bar. With taxes increasing and banks unwilling to lend, it's vital that you make sure any available cash is hoovered up. All you need is a plan...

Don't take risks. Always make sure any money you have to spend is guaranteed to make you more. Work out your strengths and, like Charlie and Ray Babbitt in Rain Man, make sure you play to them. Use your own unique skills to stay ahead of the game and keep the competition guessing as to how you do it.


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Tightening the purse strings, with YouTube



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