Are these the top 20 UK companies for work-life balance?

Anonymous reviewers think Mark Carney is a pretty good boss.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 14 Mar 2016

Complaining about endless commutes and not having enough time for the school play is practically a national hobby, especially in London. And no wonder – the average UK full-time worker puts in 42.4 hours a week, the highest in Europe.

So whether you’re an employee looking for harmony between your daily grind and home life or a boss wondering how to make your organisation a more appealing place to work, this list of companies highly rated for their work-life balance could be worth a perusal for inspiration.

It’s not a scientific or comphrehensive ranking by any means. Job review site Glassdoor required a minimum of just 20 anonymous reviews for an organisation to make its list (work-life balance is one of five factors staff can rate; others include senior management and culture & values).

But the fact their staff went to the effort to go online and say nice things is probably an indicator they’re doing something right.

1. Euromonitor

Score: 4.6 (out of 5, rounded to 1 decimal place)

The London-based business research firm came top, with employees variously praising its work-life balance as ‘healthy’ and ‘excellent’. ‘Great potential for success and evolution within the company,’ a business development executive gushed.

2. Bank of England

Score: 4.6

Not technically a company, but Bank of England governor Mark Carney seems to be doing a pretty good job at making sure his 3,500 employees feel loved.

‘Company culture is really warm, relaxing, not too much stress,’ one analyst said, while an economist praised the fact it was ‘very easy to take time off’.

3. MediaMath

Score: 4.6

The New York tech company’s London employees love its ‘flexible work hours, free food, company drinks and team building’. One IT director at the firm, which makes marketing software, said, ‘it respects personal and work-life balance, enriching both simultaneously.’ High praise indeed.

4. Unibet

Score: 4.6

It may not be a gamble to plump for a job at this online betting company, which was lauded by a marketer for its ‘very respectful, liberal and engaging working environment’.

5. Equal Experts

Score: 4.6

The B2B software company has made plenty of lists recently for its fast growth, but it’s also highly rated as ‘an amazing and inspiring place to work. Team drinks and family barbecues abound at the firm, which supplies tech to HMRC, Telefonica and UBS.

6. Holiday Extras – 4.5
7. Financial Force – 4.5
8. Aspire – 4.5
9. Swiss Re – 4.4
10. Pentland – 4.4
11. Commerzbank – 4.4
12. Hitachi Data Systems - 4.4
13. Standard & Poor's Rating Services - 4.4
14. HomeAway - 4.4
15. Peer 1 Hosting - 4.4
16. Investigo - 4.4
17. Ticketmaster - 4.3
18. Workplace - 4.3
19. Marcus Evans - 4.3
20. Cornerstone - 4.3

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