Top 50 business commentators to follow on Twitter

Interested in economics and business comment? Look no further than these 50 tweeters for a consistent and lively stream of comment and analysis in 140 characters.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 21 Oct 2013

MT’s top 50 business commentators, economic pundits and financial wizards on Twitter - in no particular order - are…

1. Robert Peston, business editor for the BBC - @peston

2. The Fleet Street fox - @fleetstreetfox

3. Faisal Islam, Economics Editor at Channel 4 News - @faisalislam

4. Ed Conway, economics editor of Sky News - @edconwaysky

5. The MT team, obviously: @MatthewGwyther, @Sparky000, @MichaelNorthcott, @lizzyandersonuk, @emmadevita, @JHazlehurst and, last but not least, @MT_Editorial

6. Nick Hood, MT blogger and ‘cynical business pundit’ - @NickHood5

7. Katie Prescott, BBC business producer on Radio 4’s Today programme - @kprescott

8. Allister Heath, editor of City A.M. - @AllisterHeath

9. Chris Giles, economics editor at the FT - @ChrisGiles

10. Stephanie Flanders, economics editor for the BBC - @BBCStephanie

11. Stefan Stern, management writer - @stefanstern

12. Chris Blackhurst, editor of the Independent - @c_blackhurst

13. Lord Young, the PM’s adviser on enterprise - @TheLordYoung

14. Sathnam Sanghera, business journalist - @sathnam

15. Milo Yiannopoulos – founder of The Kernel - @nero

16. Zee, CEO of TheNextWeb - @zee

17. Aly Duncan, CBI web editor - @alyduncan

18. James Taylor, business writer, @James_M_T

19. Saul Klein, entrepreneurial powerhouse - @cape

20. Kate Bassett, former editor of Real Business Magazine - @KateBassett

21. Charles Orton-Jones, editor of LondonLovesBusiness - @CharlesOJ

22. Modwenna Rees-Mogg, boss of Angel News - @modwenna

23. Philip Beresford, compiler of the Sunday Times Rich List - @philipberesford

24. Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator - @frasernelson

25. Chuka Umunna (you can read our interview with the man himself here), shadow business secretary - @chukaumunna

26. Rhymer Rigby, finance writer - @rhymerrigby

27. Richard Young, business journalist - @richardyoung

28. Peter Curtis, business journalist  - @peter_e_curtis

29. Jason Hesse, business journalist and all-round clever chap - @jasonhesse

30. Evan Davis, Radio 4 Today programme presenter - @EvanHD

31. Robert Loch, man about town - @robertloch

32. Ian Merricks, managing partner at White Horse Capital - @ianmerricks1

33. Matt Thomas, COO of Smarta, @smartamatt

34. Hannah Prevett, business writer - @hannahprevett

35. Jos White, angel investor - @joscwhite

36. Rajeeb Dey, CEO of enternships - @rajdey

37. Pinky Lilani, champion of women in business - @pinkylilani

38. Rosamund Urwin, Evening Standard journalist, @RosamundUrwin

39. David Bain, editorial director at Campden Wealth ‏ @davidbaineditor

40. Linda Yueh Economics Editor & host of Economic Edge for Bloomberg – @lindayueh

41. Guy Rigby, accountant and adviser to the entrepreneurial - @guyrigby

42. Laura Kuenssberg, ITV News business editor - @ITVLauraK

43. Tim Harford, Undercover Economist at the FT - @TimHarford

44. Heather Stewart, business editor of The Observer - @heatherstewart3

45. Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC technology correspondent - @BBCRoryCJ

46. Matthew d’Ancona, business journalist - @MatthewdAncona

47. Anatole Kaletsky, economist and journalist - @kaletsky

48.  Jonathan Portes, director of NIESR - @jdportes

49. Leigh Caldwell, cognitive-behavioural economist - @LeighBlue

50. John Fraher, Bloomberg managing editor for eurocrisis - @johnfraher

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