Top 50 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

Wondering which of Twitter's 140 million users are worth following? MT has combed through the whole Twitterverse to bring you the top 50 entrepreneurs sharing insights, news and japes in 140 characters.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 02 Jul 2015

Twitter is a noisy place: some 340 million tweets are sent out every day. So, MT’s done the hard work for you and compiled its pick of the entrepreneurs tweeting on Twitter. We've concentrated mainly on UK entrepreneurs, with the occasional US entrepreneur thrown in for good measure. With this lot, you'll be informed, entertained and inspired every time you fire up your Twitter account.

1. Richard Branson, Virgin entrepreneur - @richardbranson

2. Michael Acton-Smith, founder of Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters) - @acton

3. Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks - @richardreedinno

4. Michelle Mone, founder of Ultimo Lingerie - @MichelleMone

5.  Paul Lindley, co-founder of Ella’s Kitchen - @Paul_Lindley

6. Richard Moross, founder of - @richardmoross

7. Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of and UK Digital Champion - @MarthaLaneFox

8. Sahar Hashemi, founder of Skinny Candy and co-founder of Coffee Republic - @saharhas

9. Mary Portas, founder of Yellowdoor - @MaryPortas

10. Willy Wynne, founder of Arena Flowers - @WillWynne

11. Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers and Knickerbox - @Jacqueline_Gold

12. Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc - @Thea_Green

13. Lynne Franks, serial entrepreneur and founder of B.Hive - @Lynne_Franks

14. Sam Barnett, founder of Struq - @BarnettSam

15. Rowan Gormley, founder of Naked Wines - @rowbags

16. Errol Damelin, founder of Wonga - @ED_Wonga

17. Will King, founder of King of Shaves - @KingofShaves

18.  Simon Woodroffe, founder of YO! Sushi - @Woodroffe_Simon

19.  Adam Baker, founder of Blottr - @adamblottr

20. Hilary Devey, founder of Pall-Ex and star of Dragons’ Den - @HilaryDevey

21. Peter Jones, founder of the UK’s first enterprise academy and star of Dragons’ Den - @dragonjones

22. Duane Jackson, founder of KashFlow - @DuaneJackson

23. Deborah Meaden, serial entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den - @DeborahMeaden

24. Ben Way, serial entrepreneur and star of Secret Millionaire - @BWay

25. Mark Pearson, founder of MyVoucherCodes and star of Secret Millionaire - @markpearson

26. Oli Barrett, the one and only Oli Barrett - @OliBarrett

27. Theo Paphitis, serial entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den - @TheoPaphitis

28. Duncan Bannatyne, serial entrepeneur and star of Dragons’ Den - @DuncanBannatyne

29. Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta - @ShaaWasmund

30. Doug Richard, founder of School for Startups - @dougrichard

31. James Cann, founder of Hamilton Bradshaw and former star of Dragons’ Den - @JamesCaan

32. Alicia Navarro, co-founder of Skimlinks - @AliciaNavarro

33. Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp - @RupertMurdoch

34. Lord Sugar, serial entreprneur and star of The Apprentice @Lord_Sugar

35. Ed Wray, co-founder of Betfair - @edwray

36. David Hathiramani, co-founder of A Suit That Fits - @ASuitTFDavid

37. Alistair Mitchell, co-founder of Huddle - @almitchell

38. Kirsty Henshaw, founder of Kirstys - @Kirsty_Henshaw

39. Michael Birch, co-founder of Bebo - @MickBirch

40. Duncan Cheatle, founder of The Supper Club - @DuncanCheatle

41. Michael Hayman, co-founder of Seven Hills - @MichaelHayman

42. Jan Reichelt, co-founder of Mendeley - @janerixo

43. Lara Morgan, founder of Pacific Direct - @IAmLaraMorgan

44. Evan Williams, founder of Twitter - @ev

45. Geoff and Jim Riley, founders of Tutor2U - @tutor2u and @tutor2u_econ

46. Damian Kimmelman, founder of Duedil - @duediler

47. Matt Robinson, co-founder of GoCardless - @mattjackrob

48. Chad Hurley, co-founder of Youtube - @Chad_Hurley

49. Emi Gal, founder of Brainient - @EmiGal

50. James Dyson, founder of Dyson - @DysonJames (he hasn’t tweeted yet but MT has high hopes)

Have we made any glaring omissions? Leave your recommendations below, and we'll extend our hitlist.

And, by popular demand...

51. John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby, co-founders of Leon - @JohnV_LEON and @Henry_Leon

52. Mike Clare, founder of Dreams - @MikeGClare

53. Elizabeth Varley, co- founder of TechHub - @evarley

54. Shed Simove, the one and only Ideas Man - @ShedSimove

55. Rich Martell, founder of Floxx - @RichMartell

56. Brad Burton, founder of 4Networking - @BradBurton

57. Wendy Tan White, co-founder of Moonfruit - @wendytanwhite

58. Alex Tew, serial entrepreneur - @tewy

59. Jamie Murray Wells, founder of Glasset Direct - @glasses_Jamie

60. Simon Nixon, founder of moneysupermarket - @simonnixon

61. Dwain Reid, serial entrepreneur and Twitter supremo - @DwainReid

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