Tough markets

It is difficult but not impossible to break into tough markets already dominated by established brands. It is best to attack the enemy at its weakest point.

by Harvard Business Review, May 2007
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Virgin Cola led an assault on Coca-Cola head-on in the US and failed to get more than 1% of the market. Red Bull, on the other hand, launched a niche brand distributed largely through bars and ended up with 65% of the $650 million energy drinks market.

Others find innovative ways to use their supply chains, such as offering a lower grade product or service to price-conscious customers, giving them time to get a foothold in the market before raising the quality. Skype allowed customers to make international calls through the internet, attracting 100 million subscribers.

Strategies to crack well-guarded markets
David J Bryce
Jeffrey H Dyer
Harvard Business Review, May 2007.

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