Trump: the sweet smell of Success

Donald Trump is about to launch his own fragrance, with notes of 'frozen ginger'. Sounds classy...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 26 Mar 2013

Every now and then, MT sits back, heaves a sigh and thinks wistfully about how one day, it would like to smell a bit more like a middle-aged billionaire with a bad combover. Not any more, though: Donald Trump, the US real estate billionaire and ginger-skinned Apprentice USA presenter, is about to launch his own fragrance, called ‘Success’. Thank goodness for that.

It seems the smell of Success is less sweet, more woody: top notes of Trump’s fragrance include ‘fresh juniper’ and ‘iced red currant brushed with hints of coriander’, while other smells include ‘frozen ginger’ and ‘fresh bamboo leaves’. Classy stuff. Trump himself seemed rather proud, saying that ‘attention to detail is critical in everything I do. This extends to choosing a great scent that exudes sophistication and confidence’.

The Five Star Fragrance company, which is making the scent, said it’s ‘inspired by [Trump’s] success in real estate, business, publishing and television… Donald Trump’s Success by Trump is an empowering scent’. Better empowering than overpowering, we suppose.

Die-hard Trump fans will know that this isn’t the first time the US’ answer to Alan Sugar has launched a fragrance. Yes: incredibly, he’s tried it before – in 2004, when he launched the exotically named ‘Donald Trump, The Fragrance’. Back then, Fabrice Weber, the president of Aramis, the company Trump was launching it with, said ‘People want to know him on every level… We are confident that men of all ages want to experience some part of Mr Trump’s passion and taste for luxury.’ Not enough, clearly: the fragrance seems to have rather disappeared from view…

Still: we have every confidence for this one, which will be exclusively available to Macy’s customers from March. Just one note of caution, though: if you do decide to take the plunge, just make sure you use its full name: Success by Trump. Simply saying you smell of trump has rather different connotations…

- Image credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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