Twitter hits 500 million users

Stat of the day: Twitter now boasts half a billion users, the social network has revealed. Twemendous!

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Twitter is gaining on social rival Facebook, hitting the 500 million user mark this week. There are currently 12 new 'tweeps' signing up every second, meaning that Twitter will hit 600 million within three months. Watch out Zuckerberg: Twitter could close the 345-million-user gap pretty swiftly.

But Twitter has an 'active user' issue. Depsite the volume of accounts, many of its new recruits are sending just one to 10 tweets and then leaving their accounts dormant. Spammers have also flocked to the site, and as soon as one renegade account is closed, another will be opened. Just 100 million Twitter folk are actively tweeting, following and hashtagging away regularly - at least once a month.

This research was compiled by third party Twitter analysis company, Twopcharts. However, the firm admits that its figures may be open to interpretation: the 500 million figure was reached by crunching registration dates, publicly available Twitter account IDs and user figures - hardly an exact science.

Nevertheless, it seems that the tiny-status network has truly come of age.

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