UK: AWARDS ... AND NOW FOR BETTER SERVICE. - Match your service levels against the world's best by entering the Management Today/Arthur Andersen 1994 Best Practices Awards for Service Excellence.

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Match your service levels against the world's best by entering the Management Today/Arthur Andersen 1994 Best Practices Awards for Service Excellence.

Service excellence is the goal of the customer-hungry company or institution of the '90s. To recognise existing best practices in customer service and promote continuing improvement in service provision, Management Today and Arthur Andersen announce the Management Today/Arthur Andersen 1994 Best Practices Awards for Service Excellence.

The aim of this unique award is to reward and promote customer service best practices wherever they are found in the UK. 'Best practices' means, quite simply, the best way to perform a process and using such practices helps improve business performance. Entry is free and open to any UK-based company, plant, and institution whether UK or foreign-owned. In other words, any organisational operating unit which provides service to internal or external customers or both. Scope for entry ranges from sock manufacturers to schools, restaurants to construction companies. Conglomerates should enter individual business units as customers are more likely to identify with these rather than the conglomerate itself.

Participants will be judged according to four broad criteria of excellent customer service. These are (1) corporate focus (2) market understanding (3) alignment of processes to maximise customer service delivery and (4) shared values among employees which focus on customers - four categories which are, according to Arthur Andersen's 'best practices' terminology, the 'enablers' through which best practice companies deliver excellent customer service.

Judging is a two-stage procedure. First, entrants complete a service excellence questionnaire which will be treated in strict confidence. As soon as questionnaires are received by Arthur Andersen they will be identified by code number only. No information will be used for any purpose other than the evaluation process without consent of the applicant.

This questionnaire has been designed by Arthur Andersen to help businesses view their level of customer service in relation to international standards of excellence. All questionnaires will be analysed with reference to Arthur Andersen's Global Best Practices Knowledge Base - a computer base of worldwide best practices stored and regularly updated on CD-ROM. Each partic-ipant will then receive a feedback report which identifies key areas for possible action in order to achieve world-class standards in service provision and will be invited to attend a best practices workshop hosted by Arthur Andersen.

In the second stage of the competition, those best performing organisations, as identified by the questionnaire, will be invited to receive a visit by a team of judges from Management Today and Arthur Andersen. The team will carry out more extensive assessment of service provision during a site visit and interviews. A short list of finalists will be drawn up following these visits and winners will be announced in an award ceremony in London in April 1994.

The Awards are divided into national and regional categories. The overall competition winner will receive the Best Service Excellence Company of the Year Award; the Best Service Excellence Small Company category is open to companies or institutions with an annual turnover of less than £25 million. Eight regional awards will also be made provided that a regional finalist meets required nationwide standards. All finalists will be featured in Management Today.

For entry forms contact Syrie Monahan at Arthur Andersen, 1 Surrey Street, London, WC2R 2PS (tel 071-438 5244 or fax 071-438 5246). Questionnaires are to be returned no later than 31 December 1993. For further details or queries contact Matthew Gorman at Arthur Andersen on 071-438 3787 or William Pecover at Management Today on 071-413 4267.



Best Service Excellence

Company of the Year 1994

Small Company


Best Service Excellence Company in


The North East

The North West


East Anglia

Wales and South West

London and South East

Thames Valley and South

Northern Ireland


October - December 1993

Participants complete self-assessed questionnaire. Contact Syrie Monahan at Arthur Andersen for the form by telephone (071-438 5244) or fax (071-438 5246). The closing date for the return of the forms is 31/12/93.

January 1994

Analysis of self-assessed questionnaires, preparation of individual feedback reports. Finalists short-listed.

February 1994

Feedback reports distributed to all participants. Site visits to finalists by team of Management Today/Arthur Andersen assessors.

March 1994

Selection of award winners.

April 1994

Service Excellence Awards reception in London with announcement of winners in each category.

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