UK: Brain food - Tomorrow's jobs - Chief inspector of sites.

UK: Brain food - Tomorrow's jobs - Chief inspector of sites. - Name - Beatrice Aidin

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Name - Beatrice Aidin

Company -

Age - 28

Time in job - Two months

Previous job - Shopping correspondent for AOL UK

What does it involve? Basically finding web sites. is a portal for women divided into channels like Ready2wear and Ready2play. In each channel we recommend a top 10 list of sites. It's my job to find these. So, I surf the net to see what's going on. Trinny (Woodall, a founder) has said it's being the Sherlock Holmes of the web.

How did you get the job? I'm a 'First Tuesday' story. I bumped into Charlie Muirhead (Orchestream) who mentioned that they were looking for women who knew about the net. So I e-mailed them and, after a couple of gruelling interviews, got the job.

Best points? Being part of a start-up and finding really great sites.

Worst points? The usual lack of time and online ordering companies that don't keep their promises.

Salary scale: £30,000.

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