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UK: BRAIN FOOD - Tomorrow's jobs - Information warrior. - Name: James Luke

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Name: James Luke

Company: IBM

Age: 29

Time in job: Six months

Previous job: Technology project manager

What does it involve? I identify the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology and work out how to apply it to IBM's product range in order to deliver business benefits to our clients. My brief is to be part of the company's research community but also to bring science to the products. It's like speaking three languages - I work with scientists in the New York lab where they just speak in mathematical symbols; I work with development in Hursley (near Winchester); and I also have to talk to clients about their business.

How did you get the job? I was assigned to it.

Best points? Because I am looking up to five years ahead, I have an incredible amount of freedom to pursue my ideas.

Worst points? Having to complete my expenses - I travel all the time.

Salary scale: Around £50,000.

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