UK: BRAIN FOOD - Tomorrow's jobs - Net loyalty director.

UK: BRAIN FOOD - Tomorrow's jobs - Net loyalty director. - Name Aaron O'Sullivan

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Name Aaron O'Sullivan


Age 28

Time in job Three months

Previous job Marketing executive

What does it involve? The lack of personal contact when buying on the net makes customer loyalty and retention hard to achieve. Like airmiles, ipoints are a means of developing customer loyalty. I negotiate with companies to give them the right to offer ipoints on their sites, so when customers buy from those sites they accrue ipoints, which they can redeem for anything from M&S vouchers to flights.

How did you get the job? It was my idea; I did some research, then left my job to set up the company.

Best points? It's a very exciting industry, very cutting edge, and age is no barrier as everyone's new to it. You get to deal with very interesting companies at a high level. A big part of the job is also dealing with investors as the internet is such a massive growth area at the moment.

Worst points? The most difficult part is that this is such a rapidly changing market that you can't predict what you'll be doing or see where you'll be in six months' time.

Salary scale: £25,000+.

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