UK: Compete with the best in new product development.

UK: Compete with the best in new product development. - Management Today and the Design Council invite entries to the Awards for Excellence in New Product Development.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Management Today and the Design Council invite entries to the Awards for Excellence in New Product Development.

How well does your product development and practice stack up against that of your rivals?

If you have ever wondered, here's your chance to find out. Management Today, in collaboration with the Design Council, has now launched the Awards for Excellence in New Product Development. The purpose of these annual Awards is to identify and reward good practice and performance and to focus not on the design of the end product but on the design of the process that produces it.

If you are a business with operations in the UK, which develops and manufactures products, you are eligible for entry to the Awards. Entry is free and all information collected in the course of the Awards process will be treated as strictly confidential.

All entrants, irrespective of whether they win or not, will receive a free report benchmarking them against their peers. This will enable them to gauge their product development and practice against that of their competitors.

The report will be prepared by the Judge Institute of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge.

The university has developed an audit tool, which requires businesses to provide a mix of quantitative and qualitative information. This tool enables the Institute to 'score' new product development processes, based on the way in which the different functions involved in the process are managed. Over the years to come, a unique database will be constructed which will provide a blueprint of product development performance and practice among UK companies.

By launching this awards scheme in association with the Design Council, Management Today is seeking to enhance the practice and reputation of UK-based business and to extend the scope of the benchmarking opportunities already provided by its two other schemes, the Best Factory Awards and the Service Excellence Awards.

The closing date for entries is 1 November 1998. A shortlist of businesses will be selected in December. This will be followed in January and February next year by visits from a panel of judges to the premises of the businesses selected. Bench-marking reports will be sent to all entrants in March and the winners will be announced in Management Today in May 1999.

Application forms, including a self-administered audit questionnaire, can be obtained from Nick Oliver, at the Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1AG: telephone 01223 339605; fax 01223 339701; e-mail jgg@eng.

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