UK: Design/PR - Should we go logo?

UK: Design/PR - Should we go logo? - The importance of a strong corporate identity.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The importance of a strong corporate identity.

A strong corporate identity is essential to any organisation, regardless of size. It projects a clear message about the business' culture, its values and its ethics. And, perhaps most importantly, it should set a company apart from its competitors.

The most visible manifestation of a company's identity is its logo - the words, initials or graphics which represent the company as a symbol.

The logo should be supported by guidelines which create a total visual image. These should lay down rules for the visual identity such as typefaces, colours, positioning and usage and ensure that the identity can be effectively transferred onto stationery, signage, literature and so on. As a result your customers will receive the same consistent message whenever they come into contact with your organisation. It also allows you continually to reinforce and communicate your business' brand values.

When you approach a design consultancy, the more information you can give them, the more likely they are to come up with a result you like.

Information concerning the company's products or services, plans for its future, its competitors and the image you would like to project will all help build up an accurate picture, and help designers to get under the skin of the company. A clear and well-implemented corporate identity will ensure that your current and potential customers, employees and customers see the company you want them to see.

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