UK: The enhancement of Hanson. (6 of 8)

UK: The enhancement of Hanson. (6 of 8) - The growth of Hanson plc from 1964 to 1991

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The growth of Hanson plc from 1964 to 1991

1964: Market capitalisation £300,000.

Hanson and White's Oswald Tillotson motors is bought by Wiles

Group. Hanson and White join Wiles board.

1965: Control of Wiles is gained. Hanson becomes chairman. White sells

in his Welbecson publishing.

1966: Wiles sells fertiliser business.

1967: Acquires Scottish Land Developments (construction equipment).

1968: Wins bid for West of England Sack. Buys British Agricultural

Services. Share swap with financier Slater Walker. Wins Butterley

Engineering bid. Buys Nathaniel Lloyd and Dufaylite printers.

1969: Wins bid for Provincial Traction motors (Swain Group). Sells

Scottish Land. Buys into Hewden-Stuart plant hire. Sells Gosport

and Fareham omnibus. Wiles Group changes name to Hanson Trust.

1970: Withdraws bid for Steels Garages when rival outbids. Sells

Tillotson motors and Swain Group.

1971: Wins bid for National Star Brick and Tile Holdings. Buys property


1972: Merger with Richard Costain called off. Fails in tender for

Thomas Cook travel. Bid for Richard Costain fails when share

price outraces bid. Buys into United Gas Industries.

1973: Loses tender for Rolls-Royce motors. Fails in bid for Sykes

Lacy-Hulbert pumps, then buys control privately. Calls off bid

for Bowater Corporation after referral to MMC. White sets up

Hanson Industries in US: buys Seacoast Products, stake in

building group Gable Industries, and J Howard Smith


1974: Buys stake in US United Artists Theatre Circuit. Sells Bryan

and Dorkin valves.

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