UK: High achiever with feet on the ground - peter rigby.

UK: High achiever with feet on the ground - peter rigby. - Inside Story/By Toady.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Inside Story/By Toady.

A decade ago, you might remember, we became used to that Thatcherite paradigm, the computer millionaire, an example to all of us whose bytes were not up to our bark. They were household names, glamorous, cerebral versions of the professional footballer; their achievements, our fantasies. They've lost some altitude since then. Though still enjoying the sweet smell of comparative success, Alan Sugar is £450 million poorer and Sir Clive Sinclair? - well, he's not quite what he was. But still up there is Peter Rigby. "Peter who?" you might well ask. Well Rigby is a quiet man, the creator, chairman, and 95% shareholder of Specialist Computer Holdings, a software outfit that floats happily on with its 3% gearing while all about it indulge in unseemly price wars and mass sackings. Were Rigby to sell his equity, he would be a millionaire 70 times over. But he is not selling, just going on in his own quiet way.There may be a moral in that.

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