UK: Internet - Which sites are most useful?

UK: Internet - Which sites are most useful? - Six suggested web sites to help SMEs.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Six suggested web sites to help SMEs.

The Internet can be a valuable source of information for SMEs. But it can also be time-consuming. Here are six web sites that should offer and explain services to make your business more effective. All sites listed below have the prefix http:// - gives businesses access to updated policy news, trend surveys and events. The CBI represents over 250,000 companies - over 90% of them with less than 200 employees. - outlines the variety of services, schemes and activities that the DTI offer and enables users to access quickly the information from the DTI they need. - There's also the Federation of Small Businesses, an excellent starting point full of sound advice on how to survive and thrive as a small firm. - The National Federation of Independent Business bills itself as the voice of small business on the Web and, though American, still carries its fair share of relevant news, views and workshop information for the UK viewer. - The International Organisation for Standardisation: ISO9000 update and members directory, technical committees, meetings, calendars and more. - provides helpful links to other industry-related web sites.

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