UK: One Minute Briefs - Ensuring the price is right.

UK: One Minute Briefs - Ensuring the price is right. - Introducing a new biannual guide to office costs.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Introducing a new biannual guide to office costs.

Good facilities management enables people to work effectively and efficiently, but the relative cost of providing different services is poorly chronicled. Hence every six months, Management Today and Johnson Controls will be publishing an index of facilities management costs within the UK. This should act as a reference for managers on what they should be paying for their facilities.

The index is modelled around a medium-grade office building which would accommodate around 500 occupants. Costs are expressed as typical annual costs per building occupant. In this way the relative significance of each cost centre can be seen in a way not possible under the usual £ per square metre measure. A relatively efficient operation is assumed, with no unusually high service standard or demand characteristics.


Annual cost

(£ per occupant)

1997 Q2 1996 Q4

Property Operations

Maintenance 395 391

Utilities 310 307

Cleaning 191 191

Security 217 217

Internal planting 12 12

Sub-total 1,125 1,118

Office services

Internal moves 100 100

Communications 300 306

Reprographics 121 120

Stationery 50 50

Reception 31 31

Post & couriers 216 216

Catering 230 223

Sub-total 1,048 1,046


140 140

Overall Total 2,313 2,304

Note: Index excludes VAT, rents, rates, service

charges, insurance, depreciation, small project work,

IT purchases and new construction and refurbishment.

Source: Johnson Controls

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