UK: WHO OWNS WHOM. - The current UK producers of all the news that's fit to print.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The current UK producers of all the news that's fit to print.

News International

Times, Sun, Sunday Times, News of the World

Strengths: Strong brands, toughest management, multimedia parent

Weaknesses: What happens after Murdoch?

Industry gossip: Even Murdoch will have to make The Times pay eventually

Mirror Group

Daily Mirror, Daily Record, Sunday Mirror, The People, Independent, Independent on Sunday

Strengths: In the past.

Weaknesses: Underinvestment in titles, battered morale

Industry gossip: How long can Independents last?


Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph

Strengths: Daily Telegraph still over magic million mark; Conrad Black

Weaknesses: Conrad Black

Industry gossip: Morale suffering from latest round of editorial musical chairs

United News and Media

Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star

Strengths: Great names

Weaknesses: Dying readership, fading Star

Industry gossip: Bright new editors at Express titles, but how will they work with Labour supporter Lord Hollick?

Guardian Media Group

Guardian, Observer

Strengths: Trust ownership, so can take the long view; profits of Manchester Evening News; Guardian

Weaknesses: Observer

Industry gossip: High costs at Guardian meant it couldn't join price war even if it wanted to

Daily Mail and General Trust

Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard

Strengths:Strong position in mid-market, impressive performance on 10-year view

Weaknesses: Daily Mail still down on 3 million heyday in 1960s

Industry gossip: Ruthlessly competitive inside and out


FT, Economist

Strengths: Serious journalism, specialist niche, internationalism

Weaknesses: Until recently, editorial caution at FT

Industry gossip: Pearson bearish about newspaper future

David Sullivan

Sunday Sport

Strengths: Never overestimate the taste of the newspaper reading public

Weaknesses: Fickle readership, turn-off for advertising

Industry gossip: Comic, not a paper.

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