UK: Psst! Wanna buy a property in Yugoslavia?

UK: Psst! Wanna buy a property in Yugoslavia? - Inside Story

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Inside Story

By Toady.

Pity poor Dr Milicia Uvalic, a don at the European University Institute in Florence. Dr Uvalic is an expert on the Yugoslav economy. Indeed, Toady suspects that she may be the only expert on the Yugoslav economy. In previous years, Dr Uvalic has published "numerous articles in English, Italian and Serbo-Croat" on the subject. Now she has gone the whole hog and published a book with the catchy title of Investment and Property Rights in Yugoslavia (Cambridge University Press, £35.00). This work apparently contains "new empirical evidence on the nature of the Yugoslav system". The publishing world was believed to be breathless with anticipation. Thanks to the combined efforts of Messrs Panic et al, however, Dr Uvalic's book now looks to be a contender for the worst-timed publication of the year. The usual bottle of finest fizz from Toady's extensive cellar to anyone who can come up with a worse example.

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