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UK: Techknow - Smart tools - PSION NETBOOK. - What does it do?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

What does it do?

Physically Psion's biggest available product, the netBook aims to revolutionise computing on the move by providing an alternative to laptops. It offers a good-size colour screen and is designed to work well with word processing, e-mails and spreadsheets and is also internet ready; one of the netBook's key features is that unlike laptops it boasts an 'instant-on' facility, so it needs no boot-up time.

Psion hopes this instant availability means users will be able to switch it on for more short bursts, rather than fewer longer periods. And, of course, this being image-conscious Psion, the exterior has been lovingly covered in leather.

What's the competition?

Largely lower-end laptops. Executives who use their laptops mainly for word processing and e-mail might consider the Psion a lighter, more economical alternative.

When can I get it?

It is available now, priced at £699. Telephone: 0171 317 4100.

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