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UK: Techknow - Smart tools - The Sharp Notevision 7. - What does it do?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

What does it do?

The Notevision 5 is an ultra-portable projector with a 'footprint' the size of a sheet of A4 that weighs in at less than six pounds. It has a digital input, so when it's hooked up to your laptop there is no loss of image quality between computer and screen. As well as an 'intuitive graphical user interface' for easy operation, the Notevision features infra-red ports, which means that there's no need for messy cabling, and a host of digital-image enhancement options. For something this size it also offers an extraordinarily bright image.

What's the competition?

There is a whole range of laptop-compatible projectors on the market to suit every pocket. For anyone wishing to give presentations on the move this particular one is a very professional piece of kit and will give excellent results, even though it doesn't come cheap.

Where can I get it?

It is available now from any Sharp dealer, priced around £5,500 plus VAT.

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