UK: Make your voice heard - call us with your opinions.

UK: Make your voice heard - call us with your opinions. - One-minute phone box: 0181 914 9394

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

One-minute phone box: 0181 914 9394

Questions for August are as follows:

1 Has your business ever suffered from late payments? Do you think legislation will help?

2 When does a large salary become a so-called 'fat cat' salary? Apart from accepting less pay, is there anything top business people should do to salvage their poor reputation on this issue?

3 Does your business import components or raw materials? Is the strong pound really forcing import prices down or are your over-seas suppliers simply managing to make extra profit in their own currencies?

4 Is there any important subject that you would like to see covered in Management Today?

Call our voice mail on the number above and give us your contact details, the appropriate question number and a brief summary of your views. All calls are treated in confidence and are charged at normal rates.

If you have strong views on anything that has already been published in Management Today, please write to us at the address on page 18, fax us on 0171 413 4138 or e-mail us at

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