UK: Make yourself heard - make a one-minute call.

UK: Make yourself heard - make a one-minute call. - One-minute phone box: 0181 914 9394

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

One-minute phone box: 0181 914 9394

Thank you to all the readers who took the time to call us with their views on last month's issues. This month, we would like you to put your mind to the following questions:

1 Can private-sector principles be applied successfully to public-sector bodies?

2 We recently heard of one firm that puts job applicants through a five-hour psychological examination. What is the most unusual task you have been asked to perform when applying for employment?

3 Are you more likely to respond to an unsolicited letter, fax or e-mail? Why?

4 Is there any other subject that you would like to see in Management Today?

Call our voicemail and give us your contact details, the appropriate question number and a brief summary of your views. All calls are treated in confidence and are charged at normal rates.

If you have strong views on anything that has already been published in Management Today, please write to us at the address on page 20, fax us on 0171 413 4138 or contact us by e-mail at

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