The ultimate entrepreneurs' Christmas wishlist

The nation's entrepreneurs have spoken. If money - and the laws of physics and nature - were no object, here's what they would like to find under the tree this Christmas.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 03 Dec 2015

MT caught up with 12 entrepreneurs to find out what their hearts truly desire this festive season. Most, of course, selected a subscription to Management Today magazine as their first choice. But, in the interests of impartiality, we sportingly gave them all a second pick. Here's what the 12 entrepreneurs of Christmas came up with.

David Spencer-Percival, founder of energy recruitment agency, Spencer Ogden, has fame and fortune in his sights this Christmas:

'I want Santa to bring me the correct formula for cold fusion so I can license it and be the worlds first trillionaire... Or give it to the world as a gift so we can all have free energy. It depends how I'm feeling on Boxing Day.'

Nick Moore, founder and MD of We Trade It, wants to meddle with the space/time continuum with political intent this Christmas:
'I'd like to find the Delorean from Back to the Future under my Christmas tree and go forward in time to June 2015. Once there, I’d question the now ‘out of office’ David Cameron (following his defeat in the 2015 general election) about what would have done differently if he had his time again. After recording this, I’d return to 2012, hotfoot it to No. 10 and play his comments back to the PM, thus saving the economy and his job!"

Brynne Herbert, CEO and founder of MOVE Guides, a one-stop-shop for international relocation for individuals and businesses, would like to find a regulatory tweak in his Christmas stocking this year: 

'For Christmas, I want a new visa system that helps startups hire talent from around the world in an expedited and affordable way. Restrictive visas hurt - not help - the economy!'

Lucy George, founder of marketing agency Wordville Limited, has a fantastic futuristic festive fancy:

'As an entrepreneur in the fast-paced world of marketing, I’d ask for a jet pack. It's the only way to squeeze in enough meetings, avoid the traffic and enjoy some alone time, high above the craziness.'

Mark Pearson, the entrepreneur behind, agrees:

'I do regularly wish that I had a hovercraft or helicopter so I could get to work quicker. It would make me so much more productive. At the moment, I spend three hours a day traveling to and from work. That's nearly 780 hours a year!'

John Brennan, MD of Procam TV, the broadcast hire firm behind Made in Chelsea, Derren Brown and Red or Black, fancies a little mobile luxury this Christmas:

'If money was no object, a £1.2m Volkner Mobil Performance Bus so I can, er... park outside the office and spend more time in the office caring for my employees and clients, of course.'

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder & CEO of PeoplePerHour, has his eye on some festive genetic cloning...

'I would like an identical twin brother who likes doing all the parts of the job that I don't!'

Lenka Gourdie, CEO and co-founder of online handbag retailer Bagservant, would love Santa to pull this one out the bag:

'A Hermes Birkin, please. It has been my dream bag since I watched Sex and the City. Despite the fact that I run a handbag business and  love all the other bags we sell, Birkin is my ultimate dream bag.'

Rose Ross, founder of global technology awards program Tech Trailblazers, would like Santa to have a word in Osborne's ear this Christmas:

'For my Christmas wish, I would like to extend the Tech City initiative across the whole of the UK, so that we could set up an office down in my home county of Cornwall. It would be great if the £50m loan fund were diverted to regional centres of entrepreneurialism across the country, reaching out especially to universities with a strong emphasis on science and technology.'

MD of events company Zest Group Steven Hancock, doesn't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing he needs:

'An iPhone with a battery that lasts longer than a day, please!'

Helen Jane Campbell, founder of Illuminate Communications, will need to hang up an especially large stocking to fit in her Christmas pick:

'A business partner for the new year, to help me expand the business. Someone who will complement my creativity and drive with some more down-to-earth business sense!'

Jonathan Sands, chairman and founder of global design agency Elmwood, wants to hit the golfing green this Christmas:

'I'd like a round of golf with Chris Evans and a couple of good buddies at The Cypress Point Club. Ideally with Natalie Gulbis as my caddy...' 

What would you like for Christmas this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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