USA: BRAIN FOOD - Matters for the mind to chew on - It just might work - PeopleSoft.

USA: BRAIN FOOD - Matters for the mind to chew on - It just might work - PeopleSoft. - Edited by RHYMER RIGBY,

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


The high-speed, high-tech US electronics companies are held up as shining exemplars of the 'new management'. So what wondrous principles govern a $7 billion business like PeopleSoft, America's riposte to Germany's SAP enterprise software? Dave Duffield, the CEO considered by some to be the father of PeopleSoft, has obligingly published his business rules - six of them. Keep the restrooms clean. When away, use DND (do not disturb) to let people know you're not taking calls. Keep up with your voicemail. Don't kiss up and slap down (being nice to superiors and beastly to juniors). Don't attach big mother files to your notes. Paging and productivity are antonyms.

And that's all. So now you know how to grow by 100% per annum. Watch those restrooms.

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