Valentine's Day: how to flog flowers

Valentine's Day is upon us, when thoughts turn to flowers (and not the sort you get from petrol stations).

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 07 Aug 2015

It's a busy time for Interflora and its membership of 1,800 florists in the UK. Its current slogan, 'The Flower Experts', dates from 2005, when it was developed after research by agency Walsh Trott Chick Smith showed that specialist floral knowledge was the organisation's USP.

As slogans go, it's unobjectionable but a bit anonymous. 'Expert' has a hard masculine edge that doesn't match the softness of the product. It is not nearly so successful as the slogan it replaced: 'Say It With Flowers'. Engaging directly with the consumer and reinforcing the versatility of the product, that had been around since 1917.

It was written for the Society of American Florists by ad exec Patrick O'Keefe. But it had to go, for mundane reasons. Although Interflora had been using the slogan for years over here, it was increasingly being used by rival operators. The new tag may not be exciting but, having been trademarked, it is all Interflora's own.

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