Want to borrow a doggy? Sarah Wood's picks in the MT/eBay Digital Power List election

Our bid to find the nation's favourite digital SME continues, as Unruly co-founder and COO Sarah Wood names her choices. Vote now!

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 10 May 2016


If you’re a fan of the sharing economy (and let’s face it who isn’t?) then today’s line-up in the MT/eBay Digital Small Business Power List should be right up your street.

Chosen by co-founder and COO of Unruly, Sarah Wood, they address the kinds of needs that only the shareconomy can get to. So if you’re a frustrated flat-living dog-lover who’d like a pooch to hang out with, a weekend breaker looking for somewhere upmarket to stay or a frazzled domestic multi-tasker in need of a new cleaner, fast, then this selection is definitely for you.

It’s no great surprise that Wood is big on sharing - her business is used by 82% of Ad Age 100 brands to help them deliver shareable, likeable viral video campaigns to over 1bn user monthly.
So have a look at her list and don’t forget to vote for your favourite, now!

Sarah Wood’s picks

Borrow My Doggy - founded by Insead MBA Rikke Rosenlund in 2012, Borrow My Doggy unites dog owners with people who want to care for one from time to time. The owners relax knowing their pet is with a verified carer, borrowers get a dog for a bit, and the mutts enjoy the extra pampering. ‘My five year old daughter loves it’ says Wood, ‘And now we have a brilliant relationship with local chihuahua Trixie.’ What’s not to love about that?

Transferwise - a fintech company aiming to make banking fairer? Surely cause to celebrate. Transferwise aims to do this by removing hidden fees from overseas money transfers. Started by Kristo Kaarman and (ex-Skype launch team exec) Taavet Hinrikus in London in 2010, TransferWise moved no less than £1 billion around the globe in 2014, with only modest fees based on real exchange rates. Richard Branson invested $25m so it must be good.

OneFineStay - this ‘pioneer of handmade hospitality’ is like AirBnB’s trendier cousin: billing itself as an ‘unhotel’ its team finds the most spectacular homes in Paris, LA and London and offers them as accommodation. Visitors get a proper pampering: pristine sheets, 24/7 service and snacks from the trendiest restaurants. Founded by ex-Index Ventures VC Greg Marsh it offers ‘Insanely good value’ says Wood, who uses it on her trips to NY and LA.

Hassle.com - born out of a frustrating online search for a piano teacher for co-founder Jules Coleman's son, the Hassle team (including co-founders Alex Depledge and Tom Nimmo) has grown Hassle into a platform that allows users in London and Manchester to search, book and rate domestic cleaners. Next up: expanding to cover more ‘Home services’ such as carers, tutors and personal trainers.

Shazam - This app identifies whatever the song you’re listening to is, and then allows you to buy it. Founded by Chris Barton way back in 1999, Shazam took a while to scale up but now has over 100 million monthly active users. You can now even Shazam TV shows and ads, unlocking special offers and more information on what you’re watching. It’s a virtuous - and lucrative - circle.


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