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by MT Staff
Last Updated: 11 Sep 2018

The pace of change in UK PLC is kicking-up to the next level. Demands and expectations for the future – among customers, clients, employees and other stakeholders – are far greater than today.

Standing still is no longer an option!  Today’s organisations know that they must continually innovate and accelerate change across people, processes and technology just to stay in the game.

It’s a fact that most organisations already "do" change (to a greater or lesser extent), but many are not seeing the results they need.  Research suggests only one transformation in three succeeds. Why? Some organisations are unsure how to change, others are paralysed by uncertainty over which direction to choose. What’s certain is there is confusion about the best way to deliver wholescale transformation. 

We want to find out how effective your organisation is at driving change. 

  • Is your organisation "good at change"? 
  • How is ‘change’ managed and implemented within your company?
  • How does your organisation talk about change?  Is it a "project", a "programme" or a "transformation"? 
  • Does change take place across the organisation or simply within a department, business unit, or even just a single team?

Please take our short survey to assess how ready your organisation is for change. We’ll analyse your answers, compare them with other organisations and let you have any recommendations to help you deliver lasting change within your own company.

Image credit: Taras Makarenko/Pexels

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