Want to feel good about auto enrolment?

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Last Updated: 03 Aug 2015

Employers who set up their workplace pension with NEST end up feeling pretty good about it.

It could be the quick and straightforward set up process. You can set up NEST entirely online at a time that suits you. Just sign up and get started.

Or maybe it’s because it’s free to use. There are no hidden charges for employers using NEST. They all pay the same – nothing.

But then again maybe it’s because they just did something great for their staff. Our NEST Retirement Date Funds manage their money using a sophisticated approach of the sort generally only available in expensive corporate schemes.

Over 20,000 employers are enjoying the good feeling that comes with setting up with NEST.

Find out how you can join them.

© NEST Corporation 2015. NEST is an automatic enrolment scheme under the Pension Act 2008.  NEST Corporation doesn’t offer financial or investment advice. You may want to seek advice from a qualified professional when choosing your automatic enrolment scheme.


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