Wearables at Work Shortlist - Microsoft must-haves on your wrist

Business users can now enjoy Outlook, OneNote and Microsoft Translator on their smartwatches.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2015

Today’s shortlisted entry from the MT/PA Wearables at Work Awards is a nifty trio of smartphone apps from Microsoft that combine the best of MS’s most popular desktop apps with the on-the-go convenience of Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

So if you’re an Outlook email junky, a OneNote fan or a Translator power-user, you might want to vote for this one.


Outlook, OneNote and Microsoft Translator for smart watches

Your favourite Microsoft apps have found their way onto your wrist.

Outlook for Apple Watch is the first app of its kind that enables users to read full emails and reply, by choosing from a selection of standard responses or dictating your own. Voice command is these apps’ USP.

You can activate OneNote for Android Wear and dictate that hilarious thing your friend said at dinner without using your fingers at all.

On both watch types, Microsoft Translator can identify 50 languages, and pin frequently used translations to help you remember what that thing your neighbour keeps saying about poulet actually means.

Notifications on all three apps are designed to be easy to act on, but not distracting, putting an end to the need to disrupt meetings to glance at your phone.

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