Wearables at Work Shortlist - midnight sunshine with Tui's room key wristband

No more fumbling with a card in the slot - Tui Group's Nordic hotels will soon have a smartband key.

Last Updated: 30 Sep 2015

Is it just MT, or are those hotel room card keys always a lot more fiddly to use than they should be? If you’re anything less than a swiping ninja, you can find yourself standing in the corridor for ages praying desperately for a green light.

Not for much longer - the last of our seven shortlisted entries in the MT/PA Wearables at Work Awards is Smart Band from giant travel group Tui. Smart Band is a wristband room key that also doubles as a cashless payment device for everything from room service to the hotel gym. Vote now if you think it's here to stay.


TUI Group: Smart Band

Smartband hotel room key doubles as cashless payment tag

A wristband for hotel guests to access their rooms and pay for services. There are smart homes, so why not smart hotels? Travel firm TUI is experimenting with wearable technology in its Nordic hotels.

Its waterproof smart band doubles as a room access key and a wallet for the restaurant and spa, finally doing away with the ignominy of telling reception you’ve locked yourself out of your room again. Through the accompanying app, you can also track your spending in real time to make sure you’re not leaning too heavily on the minibar.

Though the reprogrammable bands are designed to make life easier for guests, they could have a bigger impact on the environment – and the hotel’s bottom line. Expensive air conditioning and electric circuits automatically activate when guest enter a room and turn off when they leave.

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