Wearables at Work Shortlist - no more 'Where are the Hob Nobs?' at Tesco

Voice recognition Inform app helps store giant avoid empty-shelf disappointment. Will it earn your vote?

Last Updated: 05 May 2016

You know the feeling - you’re in the supermarket, you’re in the right aisle, but the thing you came in for specially isn’t there. It really takes the biscuit.

Well, thanks to Tesco’s new wearable app, Inform, that sort of stock-control frustration should become a thing of the past. Staff can now instantly check stocks and order replenishments via a voice recognition smartwatch app.

It's today's shortlisted entry in the MT/PA Wearables at Work Awards, and we want you to vote for your choice out of the seven.



Tesco’s first colleague app for checking stock availability. 

Finding out why there’s no celery on the shelves or how long it will take to replenish the hot dogs can be a time-consuming process. That’s why Britain’s largest retailer Tesco came up with a way of getting product information to store managers’ fingertips instantly, and without the need for a clunky, 20thcentury barcode scanner.

After being successfully launched for 45,000 users on smartphones, Inform has gone hands free, incorporating voice recognition in a smart watch trial. Aside from saving even more time, this also removes a barrier between staff and customers when dealing with enquiries. What's not to like?


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