Wearables at Work shortlist - will bPay get your vote?

Cards are so last century. Here's the future - a contactless payment system you wear on your wrist.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2015

Competition in the brand new MT/PA Consulting Wearables at Work Awards is hotting up. In the first of a week-long series of profiles, we take a look at the seven entries that have made the shortlist.

Today’s candidate is bPay from Barclays, a wristband gadget which you can use to buy anything up to £20. Even at artisan prices, that’s more than enough for a few coffees or even a modest round of drinks.


bPay - A contactless payment system you wear on your wrist.

The days of carrying half your body weight in loose change were numbered as soon as contactless technology was born. Now Barclaycard has hammered another nail in the inconvenient payment coffin by putting that technology into a wearable device.

With a simple swipe of your wrist, you can make any payment up to £20, anywhere in the world. Connecting bPay to your mobile allows for easy, on-the-go money management, but it also has the potential to double as your firm’s access card.

Tens of thousands of people have already bought one already, but through Barclaycard’s existing infrastructure it has the potential to be rolled out to the entire population over the age of 12.

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