Web 2.0 could help businesses win the recruitment battle

As in most sectors, technology is slowly changing the face of recruitment. Companies determined to win the war for talent will already be on the case: internet, mobile phones and social networking sites have all become fair game when it comes to finding the best person for the job.

by The Sunday Times
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

A recent survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that corporate websites now ranked on a par with local newspapers for attracting job applicants.

An online presence is now a prerequisite. "There are so many places on the internet that jobseekers can be, it's important for employers to find them and be in their face," says Rob Brouwer, CEO of job board Monster which attracts more than 3.5 million visits per month.

The directory inquiries company Yell group ran an innovative campaign on Second Life. With the help of recruitment agency TMP, Yell designed its own avatars wearing yellow Yell T-shirts and put up company posters in the virtual world. Second Life citizens would then be able to approach Yell representatives and ask for some more information.

Similarly, Ernst & Young and PWC posted their own 'underground', street-cred creative videos on YouTube to prove that accountants too had fun - and hopefully attract young creative types to number crunching.

Large companies have also tapped into the Web 2.0 arsenal to improve their online application systems, a crucial portal designed to attract rather than put off potential candidates. AXA UK for instance says that the first software they had allowed candidates to complete their application in 30 minutes. Now, it takes less than five.

Advertising online can also be a lot more cost-effective than running ads in newspapers, particularly for small businesses. A local nursery for instance saved some £500 by advertising their latest vacancy on Fish4jobs rather than in the local paper in greater London.

Source: Wanted: Smart Workers
Deedee Doke
The Sunday Times July 1 2007

The new rules of attraction
Deedee Doke
The Sunday Times July 1 2007

Review by Emilie Filou

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