My week: Caprice Bourret

The lingerie entrepreneur juggles sales meetings, modelling and the media...

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

Every morning I go to Alchemy, a meditation centre in Camden. It's a circle of about four people, and we all meditate together. Meditation gives me clarity and calms my brain from going a million miles an hour. It's so powerful it's shocking, and it's desperately needed.

My week was a case of same stuff, different day more or less. Monday started with a photo-shoot for a Children in Need campaign. Then I had to interview for a new accountant. In the afternoon I went through the planning for an upcoming photo-shoot in Cape Town for next year's autumn-winter By Caprice lingerie collection.

I always model the clothes myself. I've tried using other girls, but our sales decreased by 67%. So I still have to do it. Thank god for retouching. Here I talked with my assistant about what look I want, what make-up I need, flights and cars, and the photographer, hair and make-up people I'd like to book.

Later I had a design meeting with George at Littlewoods for my autumn-winter 09 collection. Then had dinner with all my girlies at Crazy Homies, a great Mexican joint in Notting Hill.

On Tuesday I answered a ton of questions for MTV, for an awards show they were having. Then I went to the Next headquarters in Leicester with Brenton, who runs sales at By Caprice, to meet with their head buyers about developing the spring-summer collection. It went really well. Leicester's a schlep and a half, but it's important to catch up with them. Next is my most finicky customer of all. They love freshness, and they want newness all the time. They really keep me on my toes, but the sales are fantastic.

As I was driving home I had to do a 45-minute media interview. I got home at 7.30 and went into a coma. That's a regular occurrence - my boyfriend can never believe it: ‘Are you falling asleep at 10 again?' And I'm like, ‘I can't help it!' 

On Wednesday, after Alchemy, I had a meeting with Debenhams at its office in Oxford Street, to discuss next year's autumn-winter collection. After those meetings, I usually go into their flagship store, on Oxford Street, to check the stock levels, have a look at the presentation, and check there's no dodgy marks or anything.

I went back to the office at three, and we had an internal meeting about sales and stock control. I left early to go to a Disney premier, Camp Rock, with my boyfriend's daughter.

Thursday I went home and got onto a fantastic new program from Barclays, Barx Commercial, an online trading platform for foreign exchange dealings. I buy all my stock in dollars but I'm paid in sterling, so I'm constantly exchanging, and looking at the market to see the exchange rate. In six weeks it has dropped like nothing I've ever seen before. I was trading at 2.0, now I'm trading at 1.76. I'm just getting killed. But I think it's just reflective of the market - it has just gone bad anyway.

That afternoon I had an interview with a women's magazine. It was their main feature. I'm one of the first brands to go into the Next stores, so I'm doing a huge push. Then I had to take my dog Stinker to get her teeth cleaned. That evening a car came to take me to the Prima awards, where I was giving out a prize. Then I went home and went into a coma.

There are not many entrepreneurs that do all the creative side as well as modelling their own stuff. They hire others to do all that. But I'm a small company, and I have to think of longevity. We're making money now, but especially with the challenging economy I have to be really careful, just in case. You see companies left and right going under. It's very scary.

But I have a really great team, and I think we'll be okay. And when we get a better economy, I can expand and expand and eventually be one of the biggest lingerie-sleep-swim companies in the world. 





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