My Week: Christine Taylor of Choccywoccydoodah

The confectioner with a twist on launching her summer range, having a racehorse named after her business, and working with celebs.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Every week is completely different for me: running my chocolate shop, Choccywoccydoodah, is completely insane. Last week, it was all about working with Elton John; next week, it’s all about working with Wayne Hemingway. This week, though, we’re making [Britain’s Got Talent breakdance teeny-bopper] George Sampson’s birthday cake. He’s appearing in the next Street Dance film, so we’re making a separate cake for the whole crew, too: they’ve done this little competition on their Facebook page, where they’ve invited all his fans to send in their birthday wishes. We’ve picked the wish that we liked best, which was ‘dance your socks off’, and we’re going to put that on a cake: it’s a plinth for an amazing sculpture of a pair of hi-top trainers, because that’s what he wears for dancing.

This week, we’re also launching our new season’s collection, which we’ve called ‘English Eccentrics’. It’s about cake designs which are quite, quite bonkers - so we’ve got cakes with chocolate artichokes or Edwardian lace boots, and merman cakes and topsy turvy cakes where they’re all deliberately piled on top of one another and pointing in the wrong direction. On top of that, we’re launching a summer range of chocolates, so we’ve spent the week getting those flavours right - it includes things like fairies and snails, and a prawn chocolate bar, which just makes me laugh - it’s milk chocolate, filled with candy foam prawns.  

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be doing a photo-shoot to show off the entire collection. It’s very important for us - people who don’t actually know the business need to feel they can understand it from a photograph, which is quite tricky. Tomorrow, I’ll be spending the entire day on the beach with a camera crew (from Choccywoccydoodah’s Good Food channel show), photographers and three staff, plus my co-director. We’re trying to get the whole of the summer range photographed, so we’ll be doing some photography in the sea with a chocolate mermaid, and then the next day we’ll be creating very eccentric picnics on the Sussex Downs with a view of cliff-tops and the seaside and heart-shaped red velvet chairs. It’s mad.

The other exciting project we’ve got underway at the moment is that we’ve just had a racehorse named after us. How lovely is that? The stables that owns her (she’s a filly, apparently), own 22 successful racehorses, so we’ve decided to make her a cake to share with everyone at her stables. We’ve just taken delivery of 20 kilos of horse feed, and we’re going to combine that with some molasses, polo mints and some carrots to make a delicious cake for them.

To be honest, I never really kick back. I keep my BlackBerry on the headboard of my bed, and the first thing I do when I wake up in the mornings is to check my emails - then it’s all go from there on in. The one time I do try to reserve for family and other things is Sundays. It’s my gossip day - I catch up with everyone, I drink loads of coffee and I gossip, whether it’s with family or friends. It’s nice to do that over a big Sunday lunch, but if I can’t, you’ll find me in the Italian coffee shop drinking coffee and eating ice cream. Lovely.

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