MY WEEK: Felipe Navio, Job and Talent

Having founded his startup in 2009, Felipe has recently gone through a £2.2m funding round. Here he talks Tech City, siestas and how to spend investment

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
My week has been pretty hectic. We run a recruitment platform, which aims to help match candidates with the right jobs. Having started out in 2009, we closed a £2.2m funding round at the end of last month, which has been really exciting. We had been working on the funding round for six months before we finally got our three great investors on board. This week we have been planning how to spend it.
When we initially got the investment, we concentrated on hiring the staff we needed – we now have 20 staff in between our office in London and the original one in Madrid.
We are really pleased with our decision to expand to London. We made the move last year because, as you might have heard, the recruitment market in Spain is quite slow. The UK offered us much better potential and the ability to scale – we think London is the perfect place to expand from, to the Middle East, the States and Asia.
We’re based on Featherstone Street, near Old Street – in the same building as Tech Hub. It’s a great area to be in, we used to be based in Moorgate but we’ve got much more chance to network here – it’s a really cool area.
I tend to get to work in between 10am and 10.30am – I’m not a morning person and I have an hour long commute from west to east London. I try to eat my breakfast on my way to work, grab something from Starbucks and read all of my emails before I arrive. Then I work until about 2am in the morning. It’s a habit I picked up in uni when I was studying late at night and I can’t change it. I might be Spanish but I certainly don’t take a siesta, they are not compatible with startups. When it’s your baby, you have to work really long hours and never switch of.
Monday is the most important day of the week for us. It’s the day we all get together with our teams and organize the week. Since we are all spread out between Madrid and various other places we use a lot of video conferencing, Skype and Google Hangouts.
Although August is a month when no one is around and everyone seems to be going on holiday, we have been planning for our marketing campaigns for September. We’re going for a big push next month! We’ve been in and out of meetings with our PR team, our media partners and marketing agency, looking at what messages we want to send out, come the end of the summer. I’d say about 98% of our ad spend will be online. We’ve done a bit of offline stuff but really; it’s all about online. These plans have been made a lot easier thanks to our investment of course.
Raising investment is a really tough process, it’s incredibly complicated and you have to focus on that rather than running your business - but it is worth it because you then have the resource to execute what you need to. Once we knew we had the money to invest in the parts of the business that required it, we could relax…well, sort of.

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