My Week: Henry Buckley of JogPost

The co-founder of the jogging delivery company on his Dragons' Den appearance, being too busy to eat and taking time out to go travelling.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 23 Sep 2011
JogPost is a leaflet distribution company. We deliver leaflets and marketing materials to people across London and the surrounding areas using about 200 joggers. I launched the business in May 2010 with my business partner JJ Harding and over the year it’s grown quite quickly. And after we were successful in getting investment on Dragons’ Den (screened Sunday night) we’re expecting the company to get much bigger.

This week’s been manic since the programme aired at the weekend.  Even though it was a bank holiday, on Monday the phones wouldn’t stop ringing. A lot of calls were from new clients; others were from people wanting to sponsor us or marketing companies wanting to be affiliated with us. 

I spent Monday and Tuesday answering the phones all day. Then on Tuesday evening the Evening Standard published an article on Jogpost and the Dragons’ Den episode was repeated. Lots of people heard about us again and Wednesday ended up being the busiest day since the business started. I drive in to work because I live in Hammersmith and our offices are in Fulham. When I got in at 8.30 it was non-stop - I didn’t even get a chance to eat all day and ended up having just two cups of tea until I finally left the office at three in the morning.

August is usually our quietest month, because people are away on holiday. But because we’d filmed Dragons’ Den in early July and Deborah Meaden had agreed to invest £50,000 in the business for a 20% stake, we knew it would get busy. So we spent most of August recruiting new staff, training new supervisors and getting new technology to cope with the extra customers. We’ve got two million leaflets booked in for September already. Two months ago it was half that.

On Thursday we had our staff party, which is something we do on the first day of every month. We get everyone down to a hall in Hammersmith for some drinks and we give prizes to the best runners of the month and talk about ways we can improve the business. Friday is payroll day, which is always an absolute nightmare. Because all our runners are on casual contracts, it takes time to confirm how much they should be paid; then we have to print and post them all and register the payments on the HMRC software.

I don’t get much time to relax at the weekend because I tend to work most of it, but when I do get time out I like socialising and going out with friends. JJ and I are part of same social group and we managed to take some time off last Sunday to go to the Notting Hill carnival.

I also love travelling but haven't been able to go for over a year. JJ and I have made an agreement to each take three months off to travel next year. The business has reached the stage where we both don’t need to be there all the time and we can employ someone else to help out. In January I'm going on a road trip across America. And I’m going to continue to travel too. Neither of us wants to work this hard for the rest of our lives.

Henry Buckley is the co-founder of JogPost, a company which delivers leaflets using joggers.

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