My Week: Jeff Michon of Michon

The marketing entrepreneur on juggling Ronseal with the day-to-day running of his business.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The last few months have been fairly hectic. Despite the climate, we are still extremely busy as clients strive to maintain their presence and visibility in their particular sectors. Marketing is a vital tool and should be utilised during difficult trading conditions.

My role in the agency is split between managing director, overseeing everything in the business, and acting as the account director for Ronseal, who I’ve been working with for over 14 years now. As one of our biggest clients, I spend much of my time liaising with Ronseal, designing packaging for various product ranges, creating new concepts for promotions and acting as brand guardian on everything we do. For me, there is no typical day. I can be working on a project for Ronseal, such as retail point-of-sale concepts or the packaging for a new product launch, or I can be involved in other areas of the business making sure that everything is running smoothly - and doing my bit on the tea rounds too!  

I rarely get involved in other accounts unless someone needs me as a sounding board for new ideas or commercial advice. This gives me the time to get on with running the business and to manage the Ronseal relationship. It also gives my employees a sense of ownership. I am extremely proud of the people I have here and I want to give them the responsibility for making their own decisions. It’s thanks to them that the business has been able to achieve steady and consistent growth. We have been able to achieve a high level of customer loyalty through our passion for design, doing a job well and keeping our clients happy.

I like to find the time for my staff and make sure that I speak to everyone on a regular basis, no matter how busy we are. My door is always open and I always have time to chat if someone needs me. The office is a fun environment to work in and there is always plenty of banter going on, which is what I love about the place. I like my team to feel like they work with me, not for me, and I think this is one reason we have such a strong, supportive group of people.       

As for the future of Michon, my goal is to continue growing the agency at a steady rate. I don’t want to grow rapidly in a short space of time as I believe we’d lose our culture, team spirit and focus. Our business has predominantly grown organically; we tend to keep clients for a long time too and I want to keep it that way. Obviously our work has to deliver commercial success, that goes without saying, but I believe if clients and staff are both kept happy and you’re providing what they want, your business will be successful.

Jeff is the founder and MD of Michon, a creative agency that has wide-ranging experience working for big brands in design, marketing and media. Established by Jeff in 1982, the agency employs 25 people and is still growing.

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