My Week: Rob Hill, The Stag Company

Is Hill the UK's biggest party animal? Here he talks app developing, market research - and why Riga is the best place for a stag do.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
The idea for The Stag Company came to me while I was working for Hen Heaven as a chaperone, taking out hen parties every Saturday night. It was the best job in the world: you’d meet loads of new people, everyone was good fun. At the same time, I was working as an accountant, and hating every minute of it. I was looking for a business idea, and I kept seeing these hens having a great time. I thought, what are the stags doing? There weren’t many companies around catering for them, so I set up my own.

Since 2004, we’ve grown to 50 staff, so I don’t really get too involved in the day-to-day running of the business any more. This week, I’ve had a lot of meetings about the new (and top-secret) business we’re launching. We run a website called Eventer, which basically does Christmas parties, but we want to expand it into other corporate areas.

I’ve also spent some time looking at developing our app. When it’s done, it’ll navigate stags through their weekend: after they’ve checked into their hotel, it’ll tell them how to get to the nightclub, and then wake them up the next morning an hour before they’ve got to be at their paintballing session.

I’ve also been getting ready for the stag do I’m going on next week – I’m the best man, and I’m taking 10 lads over to Vegas for the weekend. I’ve been once before, and it’s absolutely cracking. The best part is, we don’t offer it as a location yet, so this is a fact-finding mission. It’s a bit of a dream, really: doing market research and having a party as well.

I’m a married man now, so I’ve calmed down since I first started – I worked out that in 2004, I spent 20 weekends on stag dos. And it was never one or two drinks, either…

I never get bored of it, though. It’s that old cliché: if you do something you’re passionate about, you enjoy it. And I love going quad biking and paintballing and then going out in the evening doing the comedy clubs and the limos. It really is very easy.

My wife is fine with it. There’s a lot of trust between us. Sometimes I go as a ‘mystery stag’ to check out our suppliers, and I normally take my mates. She’s quite good friends with my mates’ wives, so they have a girlie weekend together. It probably helps that none of my friends are really interested in strip clubs or anything like that any more.

For my own stag do, I went to Riga in Latvia. It was brilliant: I’ve been nine times, but it was still great. Of the 25 - 30 European locations we offer, it’s probably still my favourite. You can’t really beat the feeling of firing live rounds from AK-47s with your mates. Although I did get absolutely taken down…

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