The weird world of Kim Dotcom, the album

The larger-than-life internet entrepreneur has released an album to coincide with his 40th birthday. It is exactly how you imagine it.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 21 Jan 2014

It’s been a while since we heard from ‘entrepreneur – innovator – gamer – fighter – father – husband’ Kim Dotcom, formerly Kim Schmitz, the German founder of file-sharing service Megaupload. In fact, the last time we heard of him he was hiding in a massive New Zealand mansion, trying to avoid the FBI who want to have him extradited to the US on internet piracy, money laundering and racketeering charges.

But never mind any of that: Dotcom has decided to get into the music business. To coincide with his 40th birthday, he’s launched a new iTunes-cum-Spotify service, Baboom. And to coincide with the launch of Baboom, he’s made an album. And to coincide with the launch of the album, he’s made a music video. It is, as you are about to see, baffling:  

Some thoughts:

1. That waistcoat: so disco.
2. Those lyrics: so YOLO.
3. That synth hook: so ‘oh god, please no’.

Dotcom is a colourful character: he wrote in his autobiography that a near-fatal car accident in his early twenties caused a transformative moment during which he decided that ‘I don’t give a shit what people think. I’m going to do what I like because life is short and you don’t know how much time you have’.

Seize the day, get rich, create terrible music. What a motto.

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