Wen Jiabao: 'Frankly speaking, I am also worried'

The Chinese Premier joins the growing list of world leaders who fret about the Eurozone, saying 'The European debt crisis has continued to worsen, giving rise to serious concerns in the international community. Frankly speaking, I am also worried.'

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Speaking during German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s trade mission to China, he went on to add ‘The main worries are two-fold: first is whether Greece will leave the eurozone. The second is whether Italy and Spain will take comprehensive rescue measures. Resolving these two problems rests with whether Greece, Spain, Italy and other countries have the determination for reform.’ Nice to know he manages to spare a thought for poor old Europe, and to us that reads like a vote of tacit support for Germany’s policy of keeping a tight hold on the purse strings…

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