What's the best day for your business to post on Facebook?

We have the answer. Check out this infographic, which breaks down the best day to update your business Facebook page, depending on which industry you operate in.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

This infographic has been compiled by Linchpin SEO using data from the Facebook pages of 1,800 leading companies. Don't guess the best time to post. Get empirical.

Whether your business is in technology, fashion, food or finance, this handy guide could help you plan out your Facebook updates to maximise reach and engagement and generate more Likes and Fans for your Facebook page.

The data holds a few surprises too. Weekends tend to be a prime posting time for most of the sectors represented in the report, and relatively few companies are taking advantage of this inside information - get one up on your Facebook competitors.

Also, while many firms choose to update their pages on Monday mornings to get a jump on the week, this is actually less effective, as many Facebook users struggle with that beginning-of-the-week digital overload.

Find out how you could hone your Facebook strategy below...

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