What's your problem? Beards

I've recently grown a beard. Is it appropriate in my job?

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 02 Apr 2012

I've recently grown a beard and I keep getting negative comments from my colleagues. I work for a firm of auditors so we need to look smart, but I thought face furniture was back in fashion. I'm up for promotion - should I shave it off?

A: If you start showing up with a beard, you're bound to attract comment. And it's most unlikely that such comment will be favourable. There's no fun in saying: 'You know, Kevin, that new beard of yours really, really suits you. Everybody says so.' You're going to be teased. And if you exhibit the slightest signs of insecurity, you'll be teased all the more.

Give it a week or two and your beard will no longer be a novelty. By then your colleagues will have found a new diversion. Unless, that is, you shave it off, because that would not only keep the beard a hot topic for rather longer but also suggest to your friends and bosses that you've got no mind of your own. And that's not a helpful characteristic in someone who's being considered for promotion.

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