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I'M IN A DOWNWARD SPIRAL. For some time my boss has been trying to take away half my project responsibilities without consultation. He built a case of 'lacking necessary competence' as a justification for the role change and embarrassed me in front of my management team.

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

All that happened amid a time of family tragedy leading to a spiralling bout of work-related stress and depression for me. I've now been off sick for a few weeks and am on anti-depressants. My boss is sitting tight. Should I seek a quick resolution and walk, or stay put and be pushed?

A: Unless it becomes an immediate necessity, this is not the moment to make an irrevocable decision. You've defined your own predicament with admirable clarity: you're right in the middle of this 'spiralling bout' of family tragedy, work-related stress and clinical depression. You must break this circle - and the only way to do that is first to get completely well.

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