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Since being made redundant from my previous job, I have put on weight and am now clinically obese. Though I have a good CV and qualifications, I am finding it hard to get a new job.

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I get lots of interviews but then get no further, and I suspect it's to do with my size. I'd like to slim down but it will take several months - and I can't wait that long to find a job. In the meantime, should I confront people about my weight if I think that's why they're turning me down?

A: I'm not at all happy with this word confront. What you seem to be considering is that you openly suggest, or at least strongly imply, that any interviewer who turns you down for a job will have been steered not by an objective assessment of your suitability but by a discriminatory reaction to your obesity. Even if true, no potential employer is going to confess to such a thing and could well feel pretty insulted. You're never going to shame people into employing you.

But don't avoid the issue, either. Tell the truth. You put on weight as a direct result of your redundancy. You're utterly committed to losing it all again, and indeed have started. The rest will follow as soon as you make a success of your next job - which is why your determination to succeed is so total.

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