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I'm three months pregnant and wondering when I should tell my manager.

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The company I work for isn't known for being supportive of working mothers. There have been a few suspicious redundancies made of women on maternity leave. I intend to come back to work after having my baby but I'm really worried that I may be pushed out, despite doing a good job.

 A You hesitate, understandably enough, because you don't trust your company, but I can see no advantage in your waiting. Pregnancies have a habit of announcing themselves sooner or later and it would obviously be better if you broke the news first. What's more, the longer you delay, the more apparent it will become that you don't trust them. So tell your manager right away. If they're determined to weasel you out, no amount of procrastination will help. But you're good at your job. If you play it dead straight with them, the chances are your company will do the same.

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