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My manager recently announced her resignation and I've been offered her job. I'm really keen to do it but I feel daunted because she is very charismatic and incredibly well liked.

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I'm much more low-key and not really very outgoing, so I could really do with a boost to my self-confidence. How can I ever live up to her?

A: Why do you think you were offered this job? It's obviously an important one, so you wouldn't have been offered it frivolously. Somebody senior - and probably more than one - gave it long, hard thought and came to the conclusion that you could do it and do it well. Furthermore, they'd have certainly known that you and your predecessor were very different people - with different personalities and different strengths.

Of course you feel a certain apprehension. It's a scary business, becoming a manager. But as long as you retain as much faith in yourself as your management obviously does, you'll do it fine - your way.

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