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My boss wants me to run his life...

by Jeremy Bullmore
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Q: I'm a PA, and my boss, who runs his own property development business, is being very rude to me. I knew the job would include a bit of everything when I took it on, but he has been asking me to do things that aren't anything to do with running his business, like arranging hotel rooms (I think he's having an affair). This makes me feel awkward. The job is well paid and there isn't much else going and I feel scared to say anything to him in case he sacks me. What should I do?

A: People who run their own companies find it almost impossible to distinguish between business things and personal things. To them, they're all much the same - which is why they occasionally have differences of opinion with the Inland Revenue. So I don't think you should be too surprised, as this person's PA, to be asked to do personal things. But being expected to tolerate habitual rudeness is quite another matter. That's bullying of the worst kind and can very soon have a serious effect on your health and happiness.

So you should certainly do everything you can to find another job. Try returning to the placement agency that found you this one: they should be more understanding about your boss and will know your abilities.

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